Five Quick Tips For Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain And Related Back Pain


  • The relationship between weight and chronic pain is well established, with patients who are over weight or obese likely to suffer related back pain.
  • Of course, with Christmas just a week away, the holiday season is a time that many people put on few extra pounds, which can be concern for not only chronic pain suffers but pain free individuals

To better the chances of avoiding weight gain and related pain the wake of Christmas parties and new year celebration indulge for this helpful tips:

  • Exaggerate just how negative those appetizers are:
  • Not show up to Christmas parties hungry
  • Avoid calories including too much alcohol
  • Exercise daily rather than waiting for January first
  • Resist being a taste sampler

Q:A question asked by the people?

How much does the average person gain during the holiday

  • According to new York time although the average surveyed person says they have gainer above five pounds over the holidays (and media stories exaggerate the weight to 5-7 pounds) Many studies show that average is actually 1 pound is less.


  • Weight gain is an increase in body this can include an increase in muscles mass, fat deposits excesses fluid such as water other factors
  • Wight gain can be a symptoms of serious medical condition


  1. In regard to adipose tissue increases a person generally gains weight by increasing food consumption become physically inactive or both
  1. When energy intake exceeds energy expenditure ( when the body is in positive energy balance)
  • The body can be store the excess energy or fat however the physiology of weight gain and loss is complex involving numerous hormones body system and environmental factors decide energy balance that may contribute to gaining weight include :


A study involving more than 12,000 people found that social network play a surprising powerful role in determining an individuals chance of gaining weight transmitting on increased risk of becoming from wives to husbands from brothers to brothers and friends to friends

The human microbes facilities fermentation or indigestible carbohydrates to short chain family acid , contributing to weight gain.


  1. Lack of sufficient sleep has been suggested as a cause for weight gain or the difficulty in maintaining a healthy weight
  2. Hormones responsible for regulating hunger and metabolism are leptin
  3. Which inhibits appetite and increase energy expenditure ghrelin which increase optic and reduce energy expenditure
  4. Studies has been shown that chronic sleep deprivation to associated with reduced level of leptin and evaluate level of ghrelin which together result in increased appetite especially for high level fats and carbohydrates foods
  5. As a results sleep deprivation over time may contribute to increased calorie intake and decreased self control over food craving to increased gain.
  6. Hormones and neurotransmitter imbalance
  7. Weight gain is a common side effect of certain psychiatric medications


  1. Pathologies of causes weight gain may be cushing’s syndrome hypothyroidism
  2. Insulinoma craniopharyngiam
  3. Genetic reasons can related to prader will syndrome barclet biedl syndrome alstrom syndrom  carpenter syndrome
  4. Medication that list headaches and/or fatigue or side effect can indirectly contribute to weight gain think they decrease the motivation for out door activities


  1. As many as 85% of dieter don’t exercise on regular bases regain their lost weight within two years
  2. In five years the figures rises to 90%
  3. Repeat losing and gaining weight encourage the body to store fats and may increase a patient risk of developing heart disease.


  1. Diagnosis of obesity is made by observation and by comparing the patient weight to ideal weight chart
  2. Some doctor refers to height weight relationship to calculate and individuals ideal weight and personal risk of developing obesity related health problems
  3. Women whose body fats exceed 30% and men body fats exceeds 25% are generally consider obese.


  1. Intervention require those some life style changes in order to work properly
  2. The initial positive effects from a diet may reserve as the weight come back sometime later
  3. Drugs medication does not enough to lost weight come back


There is moderate quality that suggests the combination of education and exercise may reduce an individuals risk of developing an episode of lower back pain lesser quality evidence point to exercise alone or possible deterrent to the risk of the onset this condition


  • Back pain is a pain felt in the back episodes of back pain may be acute or chronic depending on the duration
  • Chronic ache in the middle or lower back and cervical region.


Back pain is serious medical problem although this is not most frequently underlying cause:

  1. Bone fracture
  2. Osteoporosis
  3. Multiple myloma


  1. Uncomfortable seats
  2. If no pillow or blanket to prop up your feet and neck
  3. Bad sitting position and posture
  4. Pressure on spinal nerves
  5. Sciatica
  6. Disc herniation or vertebrae


  • In most cases of lower back pain medical consultant advise not to seeking an exact diagnosis but instead beginning to treat pain
  • This assume that there is no reason to expect that the person has an under lying problem in most cases the pain goes naturally after few weeks

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