Elbow Pain Diagnosis, Symptoms and Treatment

Elbow pain is a pain that causes due to the many reasons such as inflammation of muscles and the condition that affect the bones and joint of the elbow. The fractures, arthritis or any nerve irritation, the lack of fluid fill sac (bursa) can be the cause of elbow pain which cause friction in your elbow. Elbow pain may involve the arm muscle, elbow ligaments, and tendons or the dislocation of any bone may also cause severe pain in your elbow that seek emergency medical attention.

Symptoms of Elbow Pain

It is difficult to identify the symptom of elbow pain because it may differ in every person. It causes severe pain in your elbow which is not bearable or dislocation of elbow bone may cause swelling in your elbow. The arm cannot perform its functions or the movement disturbs due to the sharp pain, the pain may cause due to the overuse of elbow. A common cause of elbow pain includes a broken arm, sprains, and strains, tendinitis, trapped nerves.


Diagnosis of Elbow Pain

  • A neurological examination in which the doctor checks the movement reflexes a sensation of the pain.
  • X-rays which works with computers to create an image of the cross-section of the body part, you have to lie on a table and it will move through scanning device which will help you to diagnose your pain in the elbow.
  • The bone scan which is used to diagnose and monitor the infection, disorder or any fracture in your elbow, the scan will locate the bone in areas of abnormality and send captured image to identify abnormal blood flow and its metabolism.
  • EMG is a procedure that evaluates the activity of muscle which causes irritation in the elbow in which needle inserted into a muscle to measure the muscle response to a signal from the brain.

Treatment of Elbow Pain

  • The first treatment that you could you do is your self-care, protect your elbow and keep area away from further injury. Take rest and avoid activity that causes injury, use an ice pack on the sore area for 10-15 minutes. Keep your arm elevated to reduce swelling and use the compression bandage.
  • Treatment of elbow pain can also treat by surgical repositioning of ulnar nerve to its original position where it will not continuously compress by surrounding structure to lessen the pain.
  • Immobilization, anti- inflammation drugs, injections and other medications are also helpful to treat the elbow pain.

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