Chronic Pain Diagnosis, Symptoms And Treatments

Chronic pain is a physical pain that lasts for at least six months; the doctors listed back, neck, head and muscle pain as the most common. Many people face chronic pain that can take physical and emotional effect on a person. Chronic pain can be worse due to anxiety, stress, depression, anger, and fatigue that suppress your immune system and increase the level of pain. Cause may be different but share same symptoms that are:

Chronic Pain

Symptoms of Chronic Pain

  • The symptoms of chronic pain include the mild-severe pain that does not go away, it can be described as shooting, burning and aching. You may feel discomfort, soreness, tightness and stiffness.
  • Other problems in chronic pain include fatigue, sleeplessness, and disability and weakened immune system.
  • Cut down from your regular work out and take sufficient rest for pain relief.
  • Chronic pain also changes your mood swings like hopelessness, fear of everything, depression, lack of self-confidence.
  • It also includes the irritability, anxiety, and stress.

Diagnosis of chronic pain

No way can tell us how much pain an individual has but with advanced technologies, we can just find the cause of pain with different techniques and tools:

  • A neurological examination in which doctor check the movement, reflexes, sensation and coordination with balances.
  • CT scan (computed axial tomography) that use X-rays and computers to create an image of a cross-section of the body, you have to lie on a table and it will move through scanning device which will help you to diagnose your pain.
  • Ultrasound imaging is an ultrasound scanning that obtains images of inside body, it will display as a real-time image that can find the cause of image.
  • EMG is a procedure that evaluates the activity of the muscle in which needle inserted into a muscle to measure the muscle response to the signal from the brain.
  • EP test involves two tests in which two electrodes in which one test the stimulating nerve and another record the speed of nerve signal transmission.

Treating The Chronic Pain

Treatments for the chronic pain change a lot of years but there are many more options than ever, doctors may have many options to make you feel better. RFA (radiofrequency ablation) targets the disturbed nerve in your body with the help of needle that heats up so that it zaps pain and could not send pain signals to the brain. Psychological therapy treatment, physical therapy, medication, and surgery can give you a comprehensive solution by coordinating with your health specialist.

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